Trauma-Informed Financial Coaching

The stress-free personal finance program that helps you create a practical system—one that will free you by aligning you with your values.

There is never enough money.

And it’s not like you don’t try to save. Maybe you've tried:

You look up what other people are doing online & try to implement their tips… but you can't help it.

COVID has had you bingeing Netflix and shopping online with $$ you don’t even have...

And now with high inflation everything costs SO much more.

It's time to reframe your relationship with money.

We'll use the 5 step framework:

  • Assessment.  We'll calculate your current net worth, in order to track your progress from now to the end of your program.

  • Target.  We'll hash out exactly what you want to achieve, short-term and long-term.

  • Budget.  We'll look at your history of spending and create a starting budget to get you to your goal.

  • Strategy.  We'll make room for your targets, depending on your spending and saving habits.

  • Psychology.  We'll dig into your relationship with money in order to find the right approach that will last you long-term.

Plus, bonuses!


Done for you starting budget spreadsheet  + optional video walk-through of the best budget app out there to keep it simple once we’re done together.

Printable Get Your Financial Sh*t Together Workbook  to keep you on track every step of the way.


The Investment

There are 3 different financial coaching packages to choose from, with 3 different pricing options for each, in CAD.

Most coaches charge $100-$200 per session.

Please consider your access to resources + privilege when selecting a payment tier.
Higher tier fees help fund free sessions for Indigenous and QTBIPOC folks, as well as folks who need the other tiers.

Basic Coaching Package

Low-commitment guidance over 1 month. Perfect if you feel confident in money management and your mindset, but want to make sure you're on the right track.


  • Budget spreadsheet
  • Workbook
  • Two 1 hour biweekly sessions



Badass Coaching Package

More than a budget review. This package allows you to dig into your money mindset and build new financial habits over 3 months.


  • Budget spreadsheet
  • Workbook
  • Base package's two biweekly sessions
  • 3 follow-up sessions over 3 months
  • Unpacking your relationship with money


$197/$247/$297 per month

Kickass Coaching Package

Higher level of support, with enough time to really transform your relationship with money over the course of 6 months.


  • Budget spreadsheet
  • Workbook
  • Base package's two biweekly sessions
  • 6 follow-up sessions over 6 months
  • 3 30-minute check-in sessions
  • Unpacking your relationship with money
  • Unlimited email support


$297/$347/$397 per month

You can't afford not to do this.

Client Feedback

"I was really worried about the cost of Budget Wizardry, but I was also worried about overspending on my credit card. So I signed up! Budget Wizardry is awesome at organising your finances, and telling you how you're doing. I highly recommend it!"

Client Feedback

“II was struggling with prioritizing facing my money issues and resolving them, and keeping track of my spending. Budget Wizardry has an incredible system for calculating the 'what ifs' of financial decisions, so it was exactly what I needed! Also, Sareeta's overall communication and attentiveness is fantastic."

Client Feedback

"I was struggling with controlling spending, keeping track of spending, and paying off my debts. I knew I needed help. If you are struggling with spending or budgeting, Budget Wizardry is a great way to organize your money and control it!"

Client Feedback

"Budget Wizardry is an effective tool for people who can't seem to save or prioritize. I tried but didn't know how to start. After doing the program, I can see my overall habits in a new way, and I still use the sheets provided to maintain my tracking. I can't recommend it enough:)”

Client Feedback

"I was worried that I was going to be redoing work, since I have a budget spreadsheet already. But I’m so glad I signed up to work with Sareeta!"

Client Feedback

"I was struggling with getting my husband onboard with the idea of budgeting, and we were buying things that are expensive even though we are going to have to file bankruptcy.I loved seeing an actual budget ready for me, based on the 3 month average of my previous spending. It’s so easy to use, especially since Sareeta already input the formula!"

Oh, yes, it's possible.

Save for travel, go on local adventures, and LIVE without having to ask friends or family for help.

Go from living that paycheck to paycheck life to ALWAYS having some extra money.

Have an extra drink, or order in again — with no guilt.

Build savings, kick debt's ass, and rest easy.

Gain the tools to prevent stress about future unknowns and emergencies.

Look forward to each month without worrying, even amid COVID, inflation, and a looming recession.

Take the first step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with investing?

As a financial coach, I cannot give you investment advice. I can show you where to start learning, and help you decide if you are ready to begin.

What will I come out of coaching with?

You are the expert of your own experience, so our goals will be determined by you, and through an emergent process, where we work with what comes up. It is not a predetermined program, although you do get the full workbook. This is more a collaborative effort toward aligning your life and finances with your values. Do you want to figure out how to give back to your community? We’ll do that. Do you need help determining an appropriate budget or financial goals? Let’s figure it out together.

I'm not queer or BIPOC. Will you still work with me?

Yes! My goal is to make financial literacy more accessible to marginalized folks, but I am happy to work with anyone who needs help with their money skills!

I don't have a budget. Is this for me?

Most definitely! This is a program designed to help you where you are, whether you've been budgeting for a while or have literally never tried it.

The fees are not accessible for me. Can you still help me?

Yes! If none of the prices on the sliding scale work for you, you can submit a request to pay a fraction of that cost instead. All requests are granted.Upon receipt of the request, you will be sent a unique coupon code to use at sign-up. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

I am also working towards creating scholarships spots for BIPOC folks, soon to come.

Can this be covered by insurance?

I wish all of the help that we need could be just freakin free! But unfortunately, because this is not a health-based service, insurance can’t be applied to payments. That said, some workplaces are flexible with how they determine what counts as wellness – and if you have a wellness stipend or lifestyle spending account through your employer, this could count!

Meet Sareeta

Sareeta is a justice-oriented financial coach.She brings an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial approach to money management, including sliding scale pricing at a fraction of industry standard. Her approach prioritizes emergent strategy, transformative justice, abolitionist politics, and community care.

Sareeta has worked as a certified teacher in BC and Alberta. She has trained in mindfulness and various trauma-sensitive practices. She is also a certified You Need a Budgetand Trauma of Money financial coach. Sareeta's insights come from both professional training and extensive hands-on experience working with adults and young students.

Whether you're a looking to improve your current budget plan, or you're feeling like you need to completely revamp your finances, Sareeta has the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals.