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Pinterest Template Bundle For Teacher-Sellers

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Do you wish someone could just GIVE you everything you need to save time on pin graphics?

Wish granted.

Does this sound familiar?

You know that design is important.

You try designing your images, but it takes you HOURS.

You have to choose a stock photo, or take photos of your products…

Then you have to figure out how to actually arrange the words…

What’s the code for your blog colours again? You have to look that up…

Once you’re (hopefully) done, you hate what you’ve made.

You just can’t figure out what’s wrong with it!


What if you could...

Take ten minutes to make 3-4 images, from now on?

Create a variety of images that you can match perfectly with your brand, every time?

Save time AND money on Pinterest images because you CAN do them yourself?


Here's what you'll get:

TPT Pinterest Template Bundle Image PREVIEW for landing page

12 easy-to-use templates to save you time & increase your sales.

  • 12 plug-and-play Canva templates designed specifically for teacher-sellers
  • A video tutorial to walk you through how to use them & how to make them match with your brand
  • Multiple designs you can use over and over again

    The Video Tutorial

    You can get the templates, but what then?

    Well, then I’ll show you exactly how to use these templates & match your brand PERFECTLY!

    When you purchase the templates, you’ll get access to a video tutorial where I walk you through every step. (This is perfect if you’re new to Canva!)

     I want you to have ALL the tools you need to make images quickly and take away that headache.

    You’re about to make your life SO much easier.

    It’s time to make this happen.

    Are you ready to dive in?

    Let’s do this!

    Get your templates & start increasing your sales now!

    This could be you...

    I am really loving these templates! I am totally new to Canva, and I had been avoiding it because it’s just another thing I have to learn, but the video and the templates made it super easy to get started. I have already made several new pins with the templates, and they are quite an improvement from my previous ones! Having the templates has saved me a ton of time. I used to spend way too much time trying to put a pin together, but now it goes much faster, even with the fact that I’m not that familiar with Canva yet. If Sareeta offered an additional set of templates, I would probably buy just to have a wide variety of styles to choose from. I don’t have a good eye for the design part of it, so having a general layout is very helpful for me.

    — Donielle, Real Cool English



    How do I get my templates?
    I explained this step-by-step in the tutorial video, which you will have access to once you purchase the templates. Basically, you will be provided with a direct link to the Canva templates. Once you click the link, Canva will open and you will make a copy of the templates. This will make a copy of the templates to your account which you will then be able to edit and adjust to match your brand.

    Can my VA (virtual assistant) use this template?
    Yep! Your VA can use them, but please ensure they are only using them to make products for you.

    I’m a total newbie with Canva, is this going to be hard to edit?
    Nope! The great thing about Canva is it is SUPER user-friendly. Sometimes manipulating the layout and elements does take some getting used to, but I have created a tutorial video to help you learn exactly how to open and edit them easily 

    How long will I have access to the templates? 
    How does forever sound? You will always have access to these templates once purchased. PLUS you’ll get access to any future added templates and updates!

    Are stock photos included?
    The photos I used in the templates are Canva stock photos, which I’ve used simply as placeholders to give you an idea of what it looks like with an image. Some are free for Canva for Work users, and some are $1. You’ll want to swap out any images for one of your own, whether those are stock photos of yours or photos you have taken. 

    Can I see some samples?
    Sure! Here are 7 of the 12 template designs:

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